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Duke Licit is a commercial law firm which draws together the expertise of lawyers who have been trained in diverse areas of Nigerian Law. We have experience in Corporate and Commercial practice, Debt Recovery and Real Estate generally.

We aim at providing first class legal services with a friendly down to earth approach throughout the whole spectrum of commercial transactions or disputes. We advise on domestic and international commercial litigation and arbitration.

We believe in prompt and punctual legal advice, sensible and forceful advocacy.


Duke Licit Advocates is a full service law firm with the know-­how to handle the legal needs of clients in Nigeria's peculiar business environment. We are a fast growing commercial law firm with our current operational office situated in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria....READ MORE

At Duke Licit Advocates, we pride ourselves on our sector strenghts which cover diverse areas of the law including Corporate and Commercial, Energy and Natural Resources, Telecommunications, Foreign Investment, Shipping and Maritime, Taxation, Aviation, .....READ MORE

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